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Delegation of Bali Rector Forum visits Chiba University


On March 27, 2023, a delegation from the Bali Rector Forum visited Chiba University. The delegation consisted of the rectors and vice-rectors of 12 universities in Bali Island, Indonesia, led by Prof. I Made Sukamerta, Rector of Mahasaraswati University. They met with Prof. Makoto Watanabe, Executive Vice President for Education, Student and International Affairs, Prof. Katsumi Hattori, Director of the Center for Environmental Remote Sensing, Prof. Aya Yoshino, Director of the Center for International Education, Prof. Jun Nomura, Vice Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Tatsuaki Kobayashi, Graduate School of Horticulture, and Prof. Josaphat Tetuko Sri Sumantyo, Center for Environmental Remote Sensing. Their visit aimed to discuss potential areas of collaboration between the universities in Bali Island and Chiba University.
Udayana University, the chair of the Bali Rector Forum, and Chiba University already established a university-level academic and student exchange agreement in 2007, and a double degree program agreement in 2012. We hope this visit will be an opportunity to develop further cooperation between the universities in Bali Island and Chiba University.

バリ島学長フォーラム記念写真.jpgGroup picture with Prof. I Made Sukamerta, the Rector of Mahasaraswati University (Front row, center left) and Prof. Makoto Watanabe, the Executive Vice President of Chiba University (Front row, center right) and other participants