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Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy and Objectives

Philosophy of Chiba University

Always Aim Higher

Chiba University undertakes teaching and research to maintain, disseminate and advance knowledge.
In its teaching Chiba University will seek to meet the interests of students and the needs of the community, and to foster generally the exploration and discovery of ideas and knowledge.


Based on the above philosophy, the university community shall firmly maintain the spirit of freedom and independence.
We will actively seek ways of organizing and managing ourselves that best support our teaching and research.
We will be open and alert to new opportunities, including collaboration and cooperation with other institutions, to further the role we play.
We will participate actively in our local community and play our part as critic and conscience of society and will further the cause for peace and harmonious coexistence with nature.

  1. Ensure that students are supported in their studies, in a manner which maximizes their opportunity to reach their potential, through the provision of appropriate services and support mechanisms, including student mental and physical health, and welfare.
  2. Provide an academically rigorous education that meets international standards to ensure that our qualifications, our staff and our students continue to receive recognition from comparable institutions nationally and internationally.
  3. Ensure that the University is an active and respected member of the international academic community, that opportunities for overseas students to study and to undertake research are increased, and that our students are exposed to the benefits of an international perspective in their studies and lives.
  4. Maintain and develop research and creative activities of international standing in terms of both quality and productivity by promoting selected areas in which excellence can be achieved while also protecting the rights and obligations of all academic staff to undertake research.
    Within this environment the university will be flexibly managed to resonate with and adapt to the changing times.

Established on October 11, 2005

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