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Message from the President

Message from the President


Chiba University was established as a new national university in 1949, bringing under its umbrella the Chiba Normal School and Chiba Medical College, its predecessor institutions with a history of roughly 150 years. Today Chiba University boasts 11 undergraduate schools and 18 graduate schools, and offers a rich academic environment where students can acquire a broad-based interdisciplinary education and attain an advanced level of specialization.

Education at Chiba University is guided by our philosophy "Always Aim Higher," and we take active steps to nurture emerging leaders with superior intelligence and humanity, who will be capable of playing active roles in a global society. One distinctive initiative of our university is the Chiba University Global Program "ENGINE," which requires all students to study abroad, and strengthens our study abroad programs and study abroad support framework. In AY2024, we will launch the Faculty of Informatics, our 11th faculty, to nurture the development of human resources capable of creating new value in response to the times we live in.

In the area of research, Chiba University was selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) in 2023 for the "Program for Forming Japan's Peak Research Universities" We aim to strategically enhance our university's strengths and distinctive research areas, link the results we achieve in research to social implementation, and expand our efforts horizontally across the university for the medium- to long-term development of the university as a whole. Established in AY2022, the Institute for Advanced Academic Research (IAAR) focuses on nurturing the development of researchers by strengthening support for young and mid-career researchers who will lead the next generation in research. The Academic Research & Innovation Management Organization (IMO) acts as a hub for promoting collaboration between industry-academia-government.

In addition to promoting the university's original mission of education, research, and social contributions generated from these, we will work to strengthen the university's management foundation and improve the campus environment to make Chiba University an institution where students and faculty alike can express their individuality and take on various challenges.

Koutaro Yokote
President of Chiba University