Academic Services

Academic services for students are administered by the respective departments and divisions of the university.

You are requested to carry your Student ID Card with you at all times, along with your residence Card (zairyu card). Be careful not to damage or bring your card into contact with a magnetics since it contains magnetically encoded information.

You will be asked to present your Student ID Card when you

  • take examinations
  • use campus libraries
  • have an annual health checkup at the Health Center
  • purchase a train pass/ticket at a student discount
  • are asked to do so by a university staff

Reissue of student ID card

You may have your student ID card reissued, if it has been lost or damaged. Apply for a new card at the same office you received your first ID or student support division.
To receive your new ID, you will need:

  • blank ID card (available at the University Bookstore (COOP))
  • one recent face shot (3.5 cm x 2.5 cm, no hat/cap)

IMIT provides “Unified Authentication System” to facilitate a simplified and secure form of authentication and authorization across multiple university electric systems and services. Many online services provided by University Information and Communication Systems such as email and education terminals require user ID and password in order to gain access.

How to apply

Students(undergraduate and graduate)、JPAC students

No need to apply
Your User ID and password will be issued automatically by IMIT when you enter Chiba University.

Non-Degree Students(Research Students/Exchange Students etc)

Need to apply if you wish to use the systems.
Fill the form and submit to the office in charge of your faculty/graduate school.

Please download the application form from the following page.

Systems that can be used with Unified Authentication System account

Email System

You will receive important notices from the university, so please check your email at least once a day. We recommend that you forward them to your regular mail (Gmail or yahoo etc.). Click here to learn how to use the mail system.

Wireless LAN Service

Ensure that your computer supports IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz Band) as well as a/n (5GHz Band 〔“n” runs 40MHz 〕) dual-band device or IEEE802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz Band). Wired connection with UTP cable is also available. Click here for how to use Wireless LAN Service

Education Terminals

Click here for how to use Education Terminals

'Tutoring' system is a system that the designated tutor provides support to international students whenever their supervisor deems it necessary. In general, the system is applicable to students during their first six months in Japan. Tutors are generally graduate students selected from the graduate school to which the international student belongs.

Whether the advice/assistance given by the tutors will focus on research or daily life will depend on the individual needs of the international student. It is recommended, therefore, that students relay their concerns to their academic supervisor to receive the accurate support.

Type of document Distribution location Note
Certificate of Enrollment※ A Japanese language version can be issued by the automated issuing machine
・Student Support Division(Nishi-Chiba)
・Building G1 1F(Nishi-Chiba)
・Faculty of Engineering administration building(Nishi-Chiba)
・Medical and Pharmaceutical Science Building II1F(Inohana)
・Faculty of Horticulture administration building(Matsudo)
Academic Transcript※ Only available from the second semester of the year before the final year.
In other cases, apply at the office of your faculty/graduate school.
Statement on the Expected Date of Completion※ Only available to students who are expected to graduate
Academic Transcript and Statement on the Expected Date of Completion※
Certificate of Graduation and Academic Transcript※ Only available to students who have entered higher education at Chiba University.
Health Checkup Result  
Student Discount Certificate for Transportation  
Commuting Certificate
for Trains
academic affairs desk of faculty/graduate school
※For the Inohana Campus, Student Support Section.
When you receive your student ID card, please receive a commuting certificate sticker to attach to the back of your student ID card.
Commuting Certificate
for Buses
academic affairs desk of faculty/graduate school  
Certificate regarding Japanese government scholarship (MEXT) or Jasso Scholarship ISD at each campus  

※For an English language version, apply at the office of your faculty/graduate school.

Chiba University offers consultation services for students who have health and emotional distress. If you feel uneasy or stressed and it becomes too much to deal with on your own, ask for help ASAP. Your privacy will be kept strictly confidential.


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