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Searching for an apartment

Important Notice
Chiba University's dormitory, International house is scheduled to close in September 2025. We do not accept new applications.
The same applies to the rooms for foreign researchers.
Contact: cu-dormitory(a)chiba-u.jp
*Please change "a" to "@".

We are unable to provide dormitories at Chiba University and apologize for any inconvenience caused.​​
Please read to the end of this page to learn how to find a place to live other than a dormitory and what to keep in mind when signing a rental contract in Japan.

How long do you plan to stay?
We will be presented separately for less than 1 year or more than 1 year. Please use it as a reference.
If you prefer more personalized conditions, you may use any agent you find yourself.
Before coming to Japan, you may search the Internet and narrow down search by using words such as "foreign student, housing, Chiba City ". Some agents allow you to sign a contract before you come to Japan.

Basically, proceed on the assumption that you will use a private real estate agent to sign the lease.
Other suggestions include the following

1. Saiwaicho Housing Complex and Takasu Daiichi Housing Complex from the UR Urban Renaissance Agency
Chiba University has rented a part of the Saiwaicho Housing Complex and Takasu Daiichi Housing Complex from the UR Urban Renaissance Agency. Priority will be given to students who can actively participate in community exchanges, and ISD will act as an intermediary.

2. Dormitories of companies, etc.​
When a company or other organization has a vacancy in its own dormitory, ISD will notify you of the vacancy. Its timing is irregular. Please check the Housing Information page to see if there are any openings.
Housing information :Here

This is the approximate rent you would pay if you found a room through a private real estate agent.
The average rent for an average one-person flat (13-20 m2 in size) is as follows: in most cases you will have to provide your own furniture and equipment by yourself.

Average rents for single-living apartments around Chiba University
Around Nishi Chiba Campus ¥43,000 Around Inohana Campus ¥40,000
Around Funabashi Station (20 minutes to Chiba, 40 minutes to Matsudo) ¥55,000 Around Matsudo Campus ¥50,000

And generally the following money is required

  • Key money(礼金/reikin):Gratuity paid to apartment manager.(1-2 months rent fee)​
  • Bond money(敷金/shikikin):Payable as a deposit. When you move out, you are often reimbursed for the amount you paid, minus the cost of cleaning and repairing the room. (1-2 months rent fee)​
  • Agent's fee(仲介料/chukairyo):Commission paid to the agent(1month rent fee)
  • Guarantee fee(保証料/hoshoryo):When renting an apartment in Japan, a joint guarantor is required. The guarantor is usually a family member or relative living in Japan, but if this is difficult, a private guarantee company affiliated with the agent brokerage firm can be used. The cost depends on the plan and length of contract, but the initial guarantee fee is roughly one month's rent or 50 percent of that amount.​
    *This is different from “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan”, an institutional guarantee system for which Chiba University serves as the guarantor. For more this information​ Here
  • Rent(賃料/chinryo):One month's rent paid in advance

  • Please estimate at least five times the total expected rent as an initial cost.

    1. When signing a lease, it is necessary to find a co-signer.
    2. Rent is paid monthly by a set due date.
    3. The most common lease term is two years.
    4. A renewal fee is charged when the lease term is renewed.
    5. Only the contractor is allowed to live in a room for one person.
      If you are planning to live with someone other than yourself, please inform the real estate agent of this fact and ask them to introduce you to an appropriate room.
    6. If furniture and appliances are not installed, you must provide them by yourself.
      This includes beds and bedding.
    7. When you want to cancel your lease, you must contact the real estate agent at least one month prior to the move-out date.
    8. When you move out, you are obligated to restore the property to its original condition.
      When you don't do that, repair and cleaning costs are incurred.
    Apartment Search Guidebook (for foreigners looking for homes in Japan) from MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    The guidebook in the middle of this page shows basic knowledge and useful information necessary for finding a room and living in Japan, such as how to look for a room, contract procedures, and things to keep in mind after moving in.
    Please read it as it is available in many languages. Click Here

    How to find a room by length of stay

    For those whose stay is short(Less than 1 year, *excluding JPAC students (Japan Program at Chiba)

    We recommend that you look for a shared house or a real estate aget that allows you to sign a contract for less than two years.
    See the page here

    Longer stay (more than 1 year)

    We recommend that you look for housing in UR Urban Renaissance Agency's Saiwaicho and Takasu Daiichi housing complexes, or in company dormitories, or through a real estate agent.
    See the page here

    Housing notices from ISD

    Check here for updates from ISD.

    Non-university counseling services

    Chiba Prefecture provides information and advice for international students who want to live in Chiba prefecture.
    Chiba Housing Advisory Service for Foreign Students​:Here

    When you want to furnish furniture, appliances, and bedding

    If you wish to purchase them, you can do so at home centers, shopping malls, or electronics stores.
    Alternatively, a rental supply store or a second-hand store would be a good option.

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