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Guarantor for apartment contracts

In this system, Chiba University (Head of the International Student Division) takes responsibility for joint surety if international students enrolled at Chiba University want to rent a private apartment. If you have difficulty in finding a guarantor, please use this system. However, you need first to join the “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan” operated by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES).
If a student who uses this system violates their rental contract, such as by late payment of rent, inquiries from the real estate agent and so on will be sent to the International Student Division (Head of the Division). The International Student Division may then make inquiries to the student’s advisers about the student’s enrollment status and other details. For this reason, when you apply for the institutional guarantee system, we ask that your adviser sign and place their seal on the “Apartment Residence Guarantee Issuance Request.”
The student’s advisers can confirm this request in writing.Here

(1) How to apply

Please come to the International Student Division’s contact counter or that of one of its branches (Inohana or Matsudo) at the International Support Desk (ISD) to acquire the necessary documents. You can find out about the application process on the International Student Division’s website.
About the institutional guarantee (International Student Division website)

(2) Insurance

  • For one year: 4,000 yen (insurance premium 2,500 yen + enrollment fee 1,500 yen)
  • For two years: 8,000 yen (insurance premium 5,000 yen + enrollment fee 3,000 yen)

If you wish extend the insurance period, you can choose further enrollment periods of 6 months (insurance premium 1,250 yen + enrollment fee 750 yen). However, the extension procedures must be completed before the contract period expires.

(3) Contents of "Comprehensive Compensation System for International Student Housing"

Insurance will be paid only for damage to the room caused by fire, explosion, structural damage, or water damage caused by water leaks and so on. Please note that this system does not cover damage caused by you by striking the floors or walls, etc.
For more details, check the following URL. The ISD also accepts your inquiries.
Comprehensive Compensation System for International Student Housing (Japan Educational Exchanges and Services)

(4) Documents to be reviewed before applying

  1. Notes on Coverage

  2. Take pictures when you move in!

  3. "Watch out for waterlaks from washing machine!" and "Prevent frozen pipes!"

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