Rules on and off campus

The university will contact you mainly through the following methods, which vary depending on the department and graduate school.

Personal email

Email address (Gmail, yahoo, etc.) that you will register with Chiba University after enrollment.

University personal email

Each student at Chiba University will be given a university e-mail address. Please check your university personal e-mail address daily or set it to be forwarded to your personal e-mail address(Gmail, yahoo, etc).
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Student Portal System

Bulletin Board

You must report to the university in writing when there is any change in your status (visa status, home address/phone number, etc.), when you plan to take a leave from school for any reason, or when you decide to withdraw from school.

Authorized absence (Kouketsu)

Your attendance will be excused in such circumstances as described below, if you report the fact to the university in writing within a week after the period of leave.

  • mourning leave:if your parent, child, sibling, grandparent or grandchild dies
  • sick leave   :if you are affected by any of the infectious disease stated under the School Health Law *
  • internship leave:if you are away due to training or internship such as teaching practice, nursing care, and other activities authorized by the dean of your faculty/graduate school.
  • school activity leave:if you participate in extracurricular activities authorized by the university

* School Health Law
If you are infected or suspected of being infected with a contagious disease, you should report it to your faculty/graduate school immediately. You must not attend classes or any school activities until you turn in a written statement of resolution of infection issued by your doctor to the university.
Contagious diseases stated under the School Health Law include:

-influenza (including H5N1 and H1N1), SARS, pertussis, diphtheria, measles, chickenpox, mumps, rubella, PCF, tuberculosis


  1. Please pick up the official form at the academic affairs of your faculty or graduate school within one week after you become eligible to attend.( In case of " internship leave " and " school activity leave ", please consult with the academic affairs of your faculty or graduate school in advance.)
  2. Please submit the completed form and necessary attachments to the academic affairs of your faculty or graduate school for confirmation and to the professor in charge of the class before the deadline.

(1) Temporary leave
Please follow the procedure below so that the University can contact each student in case of emergency.

  • Get approval of your academic supervisor.
    Submit the Temporary Leave Notification ”Kaigaitokoutodoke” to the office of your school.

Leave of absence

If you wish to take a leave of absence, please consult with your class advisor, your supervisor, or the administration of your department or graduate school as soon as possible (preferably at least two months in advance).
Legally, your status of residence may be revoked if you do not participate in any activity as a student continually for over 3 months. (However, this does not apply in cases where you have a valid reason.) Taking a leave of absence falls within this category, so please consult with your academic advisor and academic staff in charge of international students before doing so. Furthermore, part time work will not be permitted during the leave of absence.

Address or status of residence

If there is any change in your address or status of residence, please report it to the academic affairs of your faculty or graduate school as soon as possible.


Smoking is prohibited in all buildings and facilities on Chiba University campuses. Smoking is only permitted in the designated open areas on each campus.

Bicycles on campus

Bicycles on campus

Use of fire

Leisure activities using fire including fireworks, barbecues, and campfires are not allowed without permission on Chiba University campuses.


Possession or use of illegal drugs is not only against student regulations of Chiba University but is a serious crime in Japan. Marijuana (or cannabis, hemp) is included as one of the illegal drugs in Japan though it may not be in some countries and regions.

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