About status of residence after graduation

Upon graduation, your student visa status will become invalid and you will have to change to another visa in order to remain in Japan. Below is a list of possible cases and visa options for a each.

For information on procedures other than status of residence, please click here.

You do not need to do anything in regards to your visa. Please return your resident card at the airport when you leave Japan.

You can apply for a "Short-Term Stay" visa. (90 Day Extension)

You must change to a working visa. You will need to contact the HR/Hiring department of the company for arrangements. Below are the two most common visas that students receive.

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services

Engage in activities that requires skills and knowledge in the field of natural science, social science and humanities or activity which requires intercultural experience.

Designated Activities(Japanese University Graduate)

Engage in a wide variety of activities that make use of high Japanese proficiency, experience as a foreign student in Japan, and skills and knowledge acquired in a Japanese university. This visa permits general work that is not allowed by the "Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services" visa.

You can change to a "Designated Activities" visa that will allow you to stay in Japan until your date of employment. You will need to contact the HR/Hiring department of the company for arrangements.
Ex: September graduates that received a job offer for the following April intake.

You must change your visa to a "Designated Activities" visa. This visa will allow you to stay in Japan for 6 months and can be extended an additional 6 months.

Immigration Services Agency of Japan [Application for Designated Activities]: International students who have graduated from a Japanese university, etc. and are seeking employment

Items required for application

  1. Application for Chang e of Status of Residence(available at Immigration Services Bureaus,and download able from the Immigration Services Agency's website)
    Please note that the copy of listed below must be on A4 size paper.
  2. Passport(original and also a copy)
    ※Identification matters and Landing permission indicia or status of residency matters and period stated pages.
    ※If there is no stamp of status of residency and have residence card, only Identification matters page copy needed.
  3. Residence Card(original and a copy of front / back)
  4. Document certifying that you can cover all your living expenses during the period of stay or, if your expenses will be supported by someone else, a document certifying the sponsor's ability to support you, and a letter explaining the background behind the sponsor's support of you
  5. Document certifying that you completed a degree program at the university where you were most recently enrolled and a transcript
    Bachelor degree recipients: Certificate of graduation or Degree certificate
    Master's degree recipients: Certificate of completion, Master's degree certificate
    Doctoral degree recipients: Certificate of completion, Doctorate certificate
  6. Letter of recommendation from the university where you were most recently enrolled, indicating your intention to stay in Japan to seek employment(See note below)
  7. Evidence that you are seeking employment
  8. *However, for graduate students, even if they were not able to find a job sufficiently because they had to concentrate on research activities, etc., they will be examined flexibly if they submit a statement of reasons (optional form) prepared by their teacher.


Regarding the "Letter of Recommendation" mentioned in [6] above, please consult your Faculty or Graduate School. The letter may not be issued if it is believed that you will not continue looking for work after graduating / completing your course of studies.

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