• International Support Desk (ISD)

International Support Desk (ISD)

International Support Desk (ISD) functions as a primary contact for international students and researchers who seek
help for adapting to life in Japan and at Chiba University.
If you need any assistance or information on academic or daily life, or have inquiries on immigration formalities, ISD is the place to visit.

Nishi-chiba campus General Student Service Center 043-290-2195 isd(a)office.chiba-u.jp
Inohana campus Medical and Pharmaceutical Science BuildingII (1F) 043-226-2761 isd(a)office.chiba-u.jp
Matsudo campus Building F (1F) 047-308-8743 isd(a)office.chiba-u.jp

*Please change "a" to "@".

Nishi-Chiba Campus

ISD Nishi-Chiba Campus

Inohana Campus

ISD Inohana Campus

Matsudo Campus

ISD Matsudo Campus
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