Visa and Status of Residence

All foreign people who intend to enter Japan must have a valid passport with, in principle, a visa already stamped on it *1. When entering Japan, they are examined by immigration officers to determine the Status of Residence and duration of residence, which are stamped on the passport. It is only after these procedures that foreign people can enter Japan.

Status of Residence is a permit to stay in Japan. If you intend to study / research at Chiba University, you need to obtain appropriate Status of Residence. In order to obtain the Status of Residence, you need a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). When you have obtained one, go to your nearest Embassy of Japan or Consulate-General of Japan to undergo procedures to obtain a visa. Please make sure to allow about three months before your desired day of departure. If the procedure starts later, there is a possibility that the visa will not issued in time and you will have to reschedule your flight.

*1 There are countries and areas whose residents are not required to have a visa if their stay in Japan is for less than three months and they are not engaging in an activity in which compensation will be awarded. If your country is not one of those exempted countries, you need to obtain a visa for a short-term stay.

Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a visa is issued to a passport as a condition of entering Japan, in advance of the departure at Embassies of Japan or Consulates-General of Japan abroad. It is a "recommendation" for entry and please be aware that it does not guarantee your entrance. Once you use the visa to enter, it is no longer valid, unless your visa is valid for multiple entries.
To obtain a visa, please make sure to refer to multiple sources of information, including, this website, the MOFA website, and your nearest Embassy of Japan or Consulate-General of Japan abroad.

As a basic mechanism of control on landing and residence, the Immigration Control Act adopts the system of status of residence.Foreign nationals residing in Japan shall, as a general rule, reside subject to the status of residence determined upon landing at a port of entry. Type of Status of Residence is designated by law according to the nature of activity the applicant intends to engage in while in Japan. It is stated beside the "Landing Permission" seal on the passport, and regardless of the expiry date, it becomes invalid as soon as the person concerned no longer works on the designated activity. When your Status of Residence is changed, you have to report the change to your nearest Immigration Bureau without delay.

A Certificate of Eligibility is necessary if foreign people stay in Japan for longer than 60 days. They should in principle first obtain one before coming to Japan. The Certificate of Eligibility is issued by a regional immigration authority under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice in Japan. It will make the examination process smoother in obtaining a visa and in landing. The COE is valid for three months after issuance.
If you wish to request Chiba University to issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), please consult with the office in charge of the faculty or graduate school to which you plan to enroll.
Documents required to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
From 17th March 2023, it is now possible to submit just a copy of COE when obtaining a visa and also at the immigration upon arrival in Japan
Reference to Ministry of Justice, Immigration Bureau

Procedure Flow

  1. Applicant→Chiba Univ. Consult about COE
  2. Chiba Univ.→Applicant Send the application form for COE
  3. Applicant→Chiba Univ. Complete the COE application form and send it with the other required documents
  4. Chiba Univ.→Immigration Office Applying for COE
  5. Immigration Office→Chiba Univ.  Issuance of COE for applicant
  6. Chiba Univ.→Applicant Send COE and Certificate of Admission
    You will receiving data file by e-mail or original copy by postal mail.
  7. Applicant→Japanese Embassy Apply for visa (COE is required)
    Please confirm required documents with the embassy or consulate, etc before applying.*2
  8. Japanese Embassy.→Applicant Issue the visa
  9. Enter Japan with your passport, visa and COE*2
    *2 When submitting a copy of the COE, please make copies of both sides

This is issued by the Ministry of Justice in Japan for foreign nationals who are on mid- and long-term residence with permission for residence granted when landing, or when applying for change in Status of Residence or Renewal of Residency. In order to prevent forgery, it has an embedded IC chip that contains all or part of the information stated on the card. Foreign nationals who are older than 16 years old have to carry their Residence Card all the time.

Register your expiration date and you can get the reminding email when your date of expiration come closer. Please register and take advantage of this service. Those who have to renew their period of stay should begin preparations upon receiving the notice. Renewal procedures can be applied for 3 months prior to the expiration date.

Japan Immigration Service News Registration Form
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