To invite family members to Japan

Foreign nationals of a country without visa exemption arrangements with Japan must obtain a short-term stay visa for “visiting relatives, etc.” In this case, a family member intending to visit Japan must apply directly to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in his/her home country. The inviting person must prepare necessary documents as the “Guarantor and Invitee,” and forward the documents to the family (applicant).

Required Items

  1. Statement of reason for invitation (if visiting acquaintances, submit photographs, letter, email, etc. to prove the relationship)
  2. Itinerary in Japan
  3. Letter of guarantee
  4. Certificate of residence (all members of household)
  5. Certificate of employment, certificate of receipt of scholarship benefit
  6. Copy of residence card
  7. Other documents requested by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate overseas

The necessary documents may differ depending on the applicant’s nationality, or there may be changes or additions to documents required. Please be sure to check the latest information.

Visa/residing in Japan/short-term stay

If you intend to invite your family (spouse and children only) to Japan for a stay of over 90 days, you must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status for “Dependent.” If you are an international researcher already resident residing in Japan, you can collect the necessary documents yourself and apply to the Immigration Bureau. If you forward the Certificate of Eligibility to your family and apply to the Japanese embassy or consulate general in your country, the period of visa issuance may be drastically reduced.

Required Items

  1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Resident Status
  2. Certificate of family register, marriage certificate, or birth certificate, etc. stating the relationship with the researcher
    * If this document is in a foreign language, a translation in English or Japanese must be attached
    * Documents you submit will not be returned
  3. Copy of researcher’s residence card or passport
  4. Certificate of employment of the researcher
  5. Documents to demonstrate the researcher’s ability to support the dependent(s) (tax declaration certificate (or tax exemption certificate for income) and tax payment certificate)
  6. 1 photo of the applicant (4cm height × 3cm width)
    * Must be a photo taken within 3 months of the date of application
  7. Self-addressed return envelope (with stamps to the value of 404 yen affixed after stating the address in the standard envelope)

The Ministry of Justice may make changes or additions to the necessary documents. Please be sure to check the latest information.

*Currently forms are not downloadable at MOJ's website. Please find "PDF" or "Excel" at the Japanese ver. website

* A dependent staying in Japan for over 90 days must register as a resident and enroll in the national pension and national health insurance. Please complete necessary procedures within 14 days after arrival in Japan.

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