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International House Facility Guide

For the residents, please check the following details carefully.

Please submit the following documents within 7 days after moving into the dormitory.
Submit to "cuih(a)office.chiba-u.jp" (International House Office)
※Please change(a)to @

Notification of Arrival / Pledge on Tenancy

※Sample entry

Notification of Departure

※Sample entry

  1. Dormitory fee

  2. Electricity, Water, Sewage and Gass bills

  3. Moving out procedure

  4. Rules at International House

  5. Wi-Fi service

  6. Garbage separation

  7. How to receive your package and registered mail

  8. Bedding rental

  9. How to use IH cooking heater (single room)

  10. How to use shower room (single room)

  11. How to remove frosting in the fridge (single room)

  12. Switch for hot water heater (Family room)

  13. How to use shower room (Family room)

  14. Prepare for major disasters

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