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Planning to stay in Japan less than 1 year

If you plan to stay for less than one year, you may have options such as short term accommodation can be contracted on a weekly or monthly basis, and hotels.
Besides, share house is also a good option. Many people limit their search to rooms that are already furnished with furniture and appliances.
You may also sign up with private real estate agents you find yourself, other than those listed here. In Japan, rental contracts are usually signed for two years, so make sure you give a clear indication of how long you intend to stay.

Search for a room at a private real estate agent that offers multilingual services and short contracts before coming to Japan

Before coming to Japan, you can search for them on the Internet in languages other than Japanese and make inquiries directly to them.
Click on the company name to access its website.

Company name:MamaSan

At MamaSan, they provide fully furnished share houses exclusively for Chiba University international students, offering support in everyaspect of their stay.
MamaSan accommodates short-term stays as well, welcoming students on short-term study abroad programs. Our series properties, with no need for security deposits and key money.
Each house features rooms with unique style, ensuring a comfortable, safe, and secure living experience for international students.
For a list of share houses, click here.

Company name:InterWhao

They provide fully private share houses and studio apartments in Tokyo (mainly access to Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ikebukuro), Yokohama, Kawasaki, Saitama, and Chiba (Funabashi, Ichikawa, and Matsudo).

Share house:First house Funabashi
Suitable for those who have a stay of at least three months.
20 minutes by train from the nearest station (Funabashi Station) to Nishi-Chiba Campus (Nishi-Chiba Station).
In this lively dormitory where we value interaction between residents and where many students of Western nationality accommodate, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the peaceful space inside the whole building.
The room has a size of 6-tatami mats with a balcony, and is equipped with furniture (desk, chair, bed) and home appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner). When you move in, you only need rent, common service fee (utilities, Internet), and contract fee, and there is no need for a guarantor, brokerage fee, or renewal fee.
It is about a 5-minute walk from Funabashi Station on the JR Sobu Line, so it is an excellent international dormitory that is convenient for commuting to school and shopping.
Click here for the document.

Company name:GTN (Global Trust Network)

GTN provides a wide range of services to help you find accomodations specializing for foreigners. Their services include supports before and after moving in.

GTN partner company:Leopalace21
They offer rental apartments and condominiums (including monthly types) with appliances and furniture. The monthly fee includes utilities and cleaning.
Rooms that can be contracted on a monthly basis are suitable for those who have a stay of 30 days or more.

GTN partner company:TOKYOβ
They offer share house at an amount that includes rent and common expenses, as well as furniture and utilities. Many of the properties are located in Tokyo and built recently. One common space (kitchen, etc.) for every ten rooms.
Rents: 30,000yen ~ 40,000yen、Common expense: 10,000yen ~ 15,000yen
※Both combined, there are almost no properties that cost more than 50,000yen.
Suitable for those planning to stay for at least one year.

Contact form specifically for Chiba University: here

Company name:Union Monthly

They offer furnished monthly apartments at competitive prices.
No Key money(礼金/reikin), no Bond money(敷金/shikikin), utility costs are included in the payment. Fully furnished apartments are available for short term rentals from a minimum of one month to a daily basis.
No need to come to the shop, just use your smartphone or computer to check availability, apply, and sign a contract. *The website is in Japanese only.

Company name:KYORITSU

For international students coming to Japan, they offer share houses where the atmosphere is like a dormitory.
As each private room is furnished with basic furniture and equipment with meal service.
They offer separate plans, if the contract is for more than 90 days it is a long-term contract, if less than 90 days it is a short-term contract.

Examples of properties by each campus
●Nishi-chiba and Inohana campuses
Dormy Barakinakayama/Woman only, Dormy Tsudanuma/Man only, Dormy Higashi-funabashi/Man only, Higashi-funabashi2/Woman only
●Matsudo campus
Dormy Ayase3/Woman only, Dormy Ayase/Man only, Dormy Shin-matsudo/Man only, Dormy Matsudo/Shared by both sexes

Those who concerned at Chiba University
We recommend that departments that accept a large number of students for short-term programs, etc., consult with this company.
Contact:int(a)gakuseikaikan.com  *Please change "a" to "@".

Company name:GES Corporation (Japan-China Cultural Exchange Center)

They offer dormitory at a price that includes furniture, utilities, and internet usage.
The nearest station is Horikiri-Shobuen Station on the Keisei Main Line. The dormitory is a 12-minute walk from the station.
Recommended for students attending the Sumida Satellite Campus.
Property Name:Kyogaku International house, Yotsugi Dormitory
Click here for more information.
Contact:support(a)xf-ges.com  ※ Please change "a" to "@".
※Clicking on the company name does not link to GES Corporation.

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