Doctors & Hospitals

Chiba University students can recieve health consultation and medication free of charge at the University Health Center (Safety and Health Organization).
If you need to see a doctor either at a clinic or a hospital, DO NOT forget to bring your National Health Insurance holder's card. It may also be helpful to ask someone who can describe your condition in Japanese to go with you as doctors may not be able to speak your language. If you need help, contact ISD.

If you think you are or someone around you is in a life-threatening situation, Call "119".
An ambulance will be dispatched to your location. Be prepared to tell the dispatcher where you are (address, landmark, etc.).


In Japan, you should first go to a clinic for primary medical care, not to a hospital. You usually do not need an appointment for an initial consultation. If the doctor decides that you need advanced treatment, they will refer you to a hospital with a referral letter.


Hospitals, consist with the number of diagnosis and treatment departments, provide medical, surgical, and psychiatric treatment for outpatients and inpatients. To see a doctor at a hospital, a referral letter from a clinic is required in most cases. If you do not have a referral letter, you will be charged an additional fee (¥3,150, not covered by National Health Insurance). In general, an appointment is required to see a doctor at a hospital.
Chiba University has the University Hospital located in the east-side of the Inohana Campus.

Night, weekends, and holidays

Most clinics and hospitals are closed in the evenings, on weekends and on holidays. However, certain city hospitals or clinics are open to receive patients during these periods.

Chiba city-Medical Care(from Chiba city HP)
Chiba prefecture-Chiba Emergency Medical Net(from Chiba Prefecture Site)
Matsudo City Medical care system of night holiday (from Matsudo city HP)

Chiba City

Kaihin Byoin Night Emergency Primary Care Room
(Internal medicine, Pediatrics)
3-31-1 Isobe, Mihama-ku, Chiba
weekends and holidays:18:00~24:00

City of Chiba Holiday Emergency Clinic
(Internal medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), Dental)
1-3-9 Saiwai-cho, Mihama-ku, Chiba
043-238-9911; 043-244-5353
9:00 ~ 17:00, weekends and holidays

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