• Procedures before and immediately after entry into Japan

Procedures before and immediately after entry into Japan

For stays of less than three months The contents of this page are intended for those who will be staying in Japan for more than three months.
If your stay is less than three months, please contact your host program office to find out the necessary procedures.
You do not need to go through the procedures for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE), Resident Registration, National Health Insurance, or National Pension, mentioned below.
However, even if your stay is less than three months, you must buy the insurance designated by Chiba University. Please check the coverage in advance.
Since this insurance coverage will not start until you have completed the procedures after entering Japan, we recommend that you buy overseas travel accident insurance in your home country before coming to Japan for the period until then.
For information about the insurance designated by Chiba University, please check here .

Apply for the Certificate of Eligibility (COE).

  1. Send the application form for COE to your faculty or graduate school.
  2. Chiba university turn in the applicant’s COE application to the immigration office.
  3. Chiba University receives COE from the Immigration office.
  4. Chiba University sends COE to the applicant.

(Procedures 1 through 4 often take more than two months)
For information about CoE, please check here .


Apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in your country.


Buy overseas travel accident insurance.
Chiba University has an insurance policy that all international students are required to buy, but the coverage period starts from the admission date (April 1 for April enrollment, October 1 for October enrollment).
For this reason, we recommend that you buy overseas travel accident insurance in your home country that covers the period up to the Insurance coverage start date of the insurance specified by Chiba University before coming to Japan.
For information about the insurance designated by Chiba University, please check here before entry into Japan.


Please check your vaccination history before you travel to Japan so that you can answer questions when asked.
Measles, Rubella, Chickenpox, Mumps, etc.


Entry into Japan

*A list of procedures required after entry into Japan is available on the New Student Guidance page. Here

Make a credit card that can be used in Japan

It is advisable to have a credit card issued in your home country ready for immediate use after entering Japan.
International credit card brands widely used in Japan: VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay

Prepare an Internet environment ~Sign up for a SIM card (or eSIM) ~

It can be purchased at airports, electronics stores, etc.
SIM card sellers come to ISD guidance days. For those who cannot pick up the card on the guidance day, plans are also available to apply for the card before entering Japan and pick it up at the airport.

The following two companies are listed below. *This is not a mediation by Chiba University.

Company name:Global Trust Networks(GTN)

gazou GTN Mobile
GTN offers SIM cards with voice calls for international students! You can apply even without a Japanese bank account or credit card.
Applying online is easy and can be done either before you depart for Japan or after you arrive.
You can choose to receive your SIM card at Narita, Haneda, Chubu, or Kansai airports, or have it delivered directly to your home.
We also provide multilingual lifestyle support to assist you with any challenges you might face while living in Japan! As a GTN Mobile SIM card user, you're eligible to apply for the GTN EPOS Card, a credit card designed specifically for foreigners.
For more information, click here
The flyer is, click here

gazou *This information is about "Credit Card" ,other than SIM/eSIM.
This Visa credit card is designed specifically for foreign nationals. With the GTN EPOS Card, you can enjoy discounts and special offers at over 10,000 stores nationwide!
The card is exclusively available to GTN service users and cannot be applied for independently. Please use it together with GTN Mobile!
Additionally, if you use your GTN EPOS Card to pay your GTN Mobile bill, you'll receive a 220 yen discount on your phone bill every month!
For more information, click here
The flyer is, click here

Company name:Mobal Communications

gazou Mobal Japan SIM
Mobal provide voice + data SIM & eSIM options for short & long stays in Japan.
Apply online in English and collect your SIM/eSIM on arrival in Japan or arrange delivery in Japan or in advance of travel.
Student discounts available. For more information, click here
The flyer is, click here

gazou *This information is about "Prepaid Japanese Payment Card" ,other than SIM/eSIM.
MobalPay, the Mastercard®-branded prepaid card designed for foreign residents, no phone number or bank account required!
Use it for card payments at online shops and stores across Japan.
Apply online and top-up cash at convenience stores for easy use.
Student discount available. For more information, click here.
The flyer is, click here.

Others, Chiba University Co-op (Seikyo)

Chiba University Co-op (Seikyo) also offers prepaid SIM card sales and mobile router rentals and sales.
Available at the Co-op.
For more information, click here.

Find Housing

Please read the "Housing" section of our website.Here

1.Procedures at the ward (city) office

Resident Registration

You must report your address to the local ward/city office within 14 days after you arrive in Japan if you are issued a Residence Card. Also, you are required to report to the local ward/city office within 14 days when you change your address in Japan.

National Health Insurance

You can apply for this service when you register your new address in Japan at the city hall or the ward office.
For information about the national health insurance, please check here.

National Pension System(kokumin-nenkin)

All registered residents in Japan aged 20 to 59 years must be covered by the National Pension System (kokumin-nenkin)
Foreign residents who have been issued a residence card are obliged to join the National Pension Plan.

How to enroll in the System

  • The person who becomes a resident in Japan before 20 years old
    You will receive “the notification of National Pension system registration” from Japan Pension Service after you become 20 years old.
  • The person who becomes a resident in Japan after 20 years old
    You are required to apply for the National Pension System at municipal offices or the Japan Pension System Branch Offices.

  • For information about national pension system, please check here.
Samples of forms to be filled out at city hall and ward offices and related materials To whom may it concern at city and ward office
(This is a letter to help procedures at ward offices for those who have difficulty speaking Japanese. Please print it, fill it out, and present it at the ward office/city hall counter.)
Resident Registration Sample for Chiba City Residents
Income declaration Form Sample for Chiba City Residents
Enrollment in National Health Insurance and National Pension Form for Chiba City Residents
Katakana(カタカナ) list
Japanese and Western calendar table
Information on city halls and ward offices near each campus
What to bring when going to the city or ward office 1.Residence card
3.Documents or photos with the address of your place of residence in Japan written in Japanese(Examples: Lease agreements, etc.)

2.Opening a bank account

The documents required to open a savings account will depend on the bank.
For information about opening a bank account, please check here.

3.Guidance for International Students

In April and October of each year, ISD provides guidance for international students who have newly enrolled in Chiba University.
For information about Guidance for International Students, please check here .

4.Buy insurance for international students.

Please complete the enrollment process for the two insurances specified by the university.

  • Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research "GAKKENSAI"
    Please follow the instructions of your faculty or graduate school and complete the subscription procedures online.
  • Comprehensive Insurance for Student Lives Coupled with "GAKKENSAI" for International Students ("Inbound futai-gakuso")
    Please apply online from the materials you will receive after your arrival in Japan and pay at a convenience store.
  • For information about insurance for international students, please check here .

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