My Number

My number system is used for identifying a specific individual in administrative procedures. Information linkage of administrative agencies makes it possible to omit documents in various administrative procedures. The card can also be used for identity verification at private services.

My number

A 12-digit number assigned to all residents in Japan who have a certificate of residence

After entering Japan, you will be issued a My Number when you register your address at the local city (ward) office. My Number notification letter will be sent to your registered address via registered mail in 2-3 weeks. You can verify your number in the notification letter. Please keep My Number notification letter in a safe place. An application form for issurance of My Number Card is also enclosed in the envelope.

It is a plastic IC card with your photo, name, address, date of birth, and gender (first issurance is free of charge upon application). The front side of the card canbe used as a photo ID. My Numver (12-digit number) is printed on the back of the card, which canbe used in procedures stipulated by law or ordinance.

My Number Card has an expiration date. In the case of international students, it is the expiration date of the period of stay on their residence card. It is necessary to apply for an extention of My Number Card as well, when you extend your period of stay. You can apply for an extention of My Number Card at the local city (ward) office.

How to obtain My Number Card

You can apply My Number Card by mailing My Number Card Issurance Application Form enclosed in the My Number Notification letter, or apply online with the application ID printed on My Number Card Issurance Application Form. Please note that you will need a face photo taken within the last 6 months.

If you do not know your individual number, you can also apply at the local city (ward) office.

The method of receiving the card depends on how you applied. In about one month after applying for My Number Card, an issue notice (postcard-type notice) will be delivered to your home address from your local city (ward) office. You yourself should visit the service counter by the date described on the issuance notification (postcard) with required items. The place you receive your card will be described on the issuance notification (postcard).

Returning your My Number Card

If you are leaving Japan after completing your study and the departure date has decided, please visit the local city (ward) office and return your My Number Card, along with other procedures such as submitting a notification of moving out and clearing the National Health Insurance premium.


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