How to Register and Apply

Those who wish to apply for scholarships that require a recommendation from the university (such as JASSO Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Student and other private foundation’s scholarships) must register.
You may register once a year and if you want to be a candidate the following year, you must register again, in January for current students, and in February, March or October for new students.
The international student support committee will check and approve the applicant list based on the submitted information and other factors such as year, academic record, tuition exemption and scholarships from previous year. The ranking on the list will be based on the university criteria.
New scholarship information (registration, requirements, etc.) will be posted on bulletin boards as well as the Japanese page. Please check regularly so you don’t miss the most current information.

Eligible applicants must satisfy all the following conditions:

  1. International student who enrolled in Chiba University as an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a research student during a school year when a scholarship is granted. (Must hold a student visa. Applicable to prospective students.)
  2. International student who does not exceed the maximum period allowed for graduation. A granted period of leave of absence may be excluded.
  3. International student who is in great academic standing and has never been subject to disciplinary action within the past one year.

Note that registering once a year does not automatically make you a candidate for any scholarship. If you meet all requirements for a scholarship and want to apply for it, please submit the scholarship application form to the ISD during the application period.
After an application period has closed, the final candidate will be selected from the list of eligible candidates.

How to Apply
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